St. Vincent de Paul Pantry

St. Vincent de Paul Pantry is always thankful for MANY great blessings from donors.  Our pantry is literally FILLED with a wonderful variety of food items which are most appreciated by our clients. 

A recent change at St. Vincent DePaul Pantry is that ONLY clothing, towels, blanket type items and kitchen items will be accepted at the discretion of the Pantry staff. The items must be in clean, soil free condition. Only “in season” clothing will be accepted unless space allows otherwise.

The Pantry can no longer accept knick knacks, books, toys, holiday decorations and other non-clothing items due to space constraints. The Pantry Board, which consists of 13 parishioners from St. Mary’s and St. Joseph’s, needs to use our limited space to primarily serve the food needs of our clients. In the first five months of 2015, a total of 3, 859 people have been fed due in part to your generosity. Food and cash donations are always appreciated. Thank you!

Clothing donations will be taken only at designated days/times. No clothing items should ever be left outside the doors of the Pantry. PLEASE follow this request. We are currently in great need of children’s clothing in all sizes. Men’s and women’s clothing in all sizes is always needed and welcomed by the clients. Tax receipts for clothing donations which you make will be given upon request.

The St. Vincent DePaul pantry serves 110-150 families per week. The Pantry is open to clients on Thursdays, from 12 noon until 5:15 pm. Clients are not allowed on church property until 11 am. Donations can be made on Thursdays from 9 am until 5:15 pm or call a Pantry volunteer to arrange a time for your drop off: Joan Bolen 842-1576; Jane Kuerth 842-2174; Evelyn Ribordy 844-7594. These phone numbers are also posted on the outside door of the Pantry.